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We are the distributor for Logona &  Sante Organic, Natural, Certified Cosmetics  in Australia.



Logona and Sante Henna Herbal Hair colours are 100% natural hair dyes offering the healthiest option for your hair colour in Australia. Also offering the best natural hair colours for grey hair. These henna hair colours are Certified and Vegan without any toxic chemicals. We also offer a range of certified make-up in the Logona and Sante  ranges of make- up,  giving you an overall natural appearance .

Hair colours are very suitable for grey hair. Grey hair is white hair  ( same thing )    Try it,its only natural and you will love the feel and look

Application is easy:

Mix Logona Henna Herbal Hair Colour powder with boiling water or brewed tea or brewed coffee . Premix for up to 4 hours is good if possible

Shampoo your hair & dry it - no conditioner

Section your hair ear to ear and forehead to nape

Apply colour to the partings

Apply with application brush - section by section

Cover with cap and heat up with hand dryer for a few minutes

Leave on for 70mts or more

EXCEPT Sahara Blonde ( leave on 40 mts maximum)

Rinse off with Logona Colour Fix conditioner

Logona products are NEVER tested on animals

"NEW" The Logona Henna Herbal Hair Colour Powders  have a new formula, in which the henna has been grinded much finer hence giving a creamier consistency

. This is an excellent improvement which means no more gritty bits falling down when applying the colour

 Phone Susan to discuss the best colour option for you . Logona hair colours are individual , depending on your original hair colour

Scroll down and click for more before and after pictures

Have you tried the New Logona Herbal Hair Colour Powders? Improved finely grounded formula



Before :  The before image is not my hair but my hair is about  the same with 70% grey hair ( 70% white hair )

After : That's me. Applied Logona Sahara Blonde now called Caramel Blonde,  to the roots each month - leave on for 40mts maximum . Logona is certified and vegan - looking after the health conscious person

Before                                        After


Hair Raising Information - Book $ 16.50
Are you interested in natural and organic hair colours ?

Book includes information on chemical hair dye - the ingredients, and how the hairdressing industry and their customers remain vulnerable to chemical exposure - the book also offers  natural plant henna hair colouring alternatives with 25 before and after pictures of Logona Herbal Henna Hair colours - 100% natural hair dye, certified and vegan