Logona Certified Natural Nail Top Coat 4ml

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Logona Natural Nail Top Coat

For naturally beautiful nails!

LOGONA Natural Top Coat consists of natural raw materials, and is almost odourless. It contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate or camphor. The clear polish protects the colour polish, makes it last longer and gives your nails a glossy finish. The natural raw materials used give it its yellowish colour. The big brush is great for its even application. For naturally beautiful nails!

FAQ LOGONA Natural Nail
In which way are Natural Nail products different in comparis
on with conventional cosmetics?

LOGONA Natural Nail Polish, Natural Nail Top Coat and Natural
Nail Polish Remover consist of natural
raw materials, and are certified according to BDIH and NA
This means that they comply with
the guidelines of controlled natural cosmetics.
Conventional nail polishes contain synthetic film-form
ers, colourants and solvents that encourage
rapid drying. But unfortunately, these frequently cau
se side effects, for example headaches, and skin
and eye irritation, and are classified as a health risk.

LOGONA Natural Nail products are created with natural, h
armless ingredients and raw materials.
The film-former used in LOGONA Natural Nail Polish is s
hellac. Furthermore, only natural colourants
and solvents are used. There is absolutely no formal
dehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl
phthalate or camphor in any of these products.
Thus, LOGONA Natural Nail Polish and Top Coat are not on
ly 5-free, but are composed of purely
natural ingredients.

Based on castor oil and alcohol, the low-odour LOGONA N
atural Nail Polish Remover was created
specially to harmonize with the new polish, and is acet

What makes LOGONA Natural Nail Polish so innovative?
The formulation for LOGONA Natural Nail Polish is a worl
d first. The ingredients classified as a health
risk that are used in conventional products are not con
tained in the formulation of LOGONA Natural
Nail Polish. By the same token, LOGONA Natural Nail prod
ucts are virtually odourless.

What is shellac and how is it processed?
The starting product for obtaining shellac is a resinou
s substance on trees, produced by the lac scale
insect. This resin-type substance is separated from th
e wood, ground, washed and dried. The shellac
thus obtained is processed further in a liquid form
and treated to create the film-former in LOGONA
Natural Nail Polish and Natural Nail Top Coat.
What is the reason for LOGONA Natural Nail Top Coat’s yel
lowish tinge?

The formulation for LOGONA Natural Top Coat is based on
naturally extracted shellac, and this has a
naturally yellowish colour. When applied to the nails,
it gives them a wonderful shine.
Why are the LOGONA Natural Nail Polish and the Natural N
ail Top Coat not vegan?
Since shellac is an animal product, the LOGONA Natural Nai
l Polish and the Natural Nail Top Coat are
not vegan.

When using the Nail Polish or Top Coat, can discolour
ation of the nails occur?
Stand Dezember 2014
Slight discolouration of the nails can occur when usi
ng LOGONA Natural Nail Polish or LOGONA
Natural Nail Top Coat, as is also the case with conventio
nal polishes.

Can Top Coat be used as a polish base?
To boost the durability of the coloured polish and mak
e it easy to remove, whilst giving the nails
additional protection, the LOGONA Natural Nail Top Coat
can indeed be used as a polish base.
Are there any shades of the Natural Nail Polish without

The urban taupe shade, Natural Nail Polish no. 05 does n
ot contain any carmine.
What is the best drying time for LOGONA Natural Nail Poli
The natural ingredients of LOGONA Natural Nail Polish en
tail a slightly longer drying time, so we
recommend waiting 5-10 minutes for each layer. For inte
nsive coverage, two layers of Natural Nail
Polish should be applied. As an option, Natural Nail Top
Coat can be applied to finish off – it gives the
nails a lovely shine and protects the colour.
How can I shorten the drying time for LOGONA Natural Nai
l Polish?

The drying process of LOGONA Natural Nail Polish and th
e Top Coat can be speeded up slightly with
warm air from the hair dryer. We would recommend keepin
g a distance of about 10 cm between the
hair dryer and your hand, and to set the dryer to mediu
m heat to prevent the coloured polish from
Can the Natural Nail Polish and the Natural Nail Top
Coat be dried under a UV lamp?
Ultra-violet light has no effect on the
drying time for the Natural Nail Polish or the Natural T
op Coat.
However, the warmth from the lamp can slightly speed u
p the drying time of LOGONA Natural Nail
Polish and the Top Coat.
Can LOGONA Natural Nail Polish also be removed with con
ventional nail polish removers, and can
the Nail Polish Remover also remove conventional nai
l polish?
The LOGONA Natural Nail Polish Remover has been aligned
to the basis of the Natural Nail Polish and
the Natural Nail Top Coat, which means it is particularly
suitable for removing these. It is free of
acetone, which means it is also low-odour in comparison
with nail polish removers sold in retail.
How is LOGONA Natural Nail Polish removed?
LOGONA Natural Nail Polish forms a robust layer on the n
ail which makes it stress-resistant – this
becomes obvious when it’s time to remove it. The best
way to remove the coloured polish is to soak
a cotton pad with some LOGONA Natural Nail Polish Remover
. Lay the cotton pad onto the polished
nail and press it on for a few seconds. After this, wip
e with the cotton pad towards the tip of the nail,
removing the polish as you go. A cotton bud dipped in
Natural Nail Polish Remover helps to gently
remove anAs far as the durability of the Natural Nail Polis
h is concerned, this depends on different
factors like the daily demands made on the nails. For b
est results, we recommend cleaning your nails
thoroughly before application, and de-greasing them wi
th LOGONA Natural Nail Polish Remover.
Using Natural Nail Top Coat in addition can make the Natur
al Nail Polish last longer, too