Sante Toothpaste & B12 (with fluoride)

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Sante B12 Toothpaste 

best used by 1st June 2021

Dental med Toothpaste Vitamin B12

- Project development together with Germany's Vegetarian Federation
(approx. 6.000 members).
- Since they don't eat meat, vegetarians and vegans have a chronic shortage of
vitamin B12.
Elderly people often have a shortage of vitamin B12 too. Even though their intake is normal, the small intestine cannot absorb it actively enough, since the required
enzyme is only produced in small amounts by the body.
In the long term, this shortage can lead to heart diseases, strokes and further
health problems.


xylitol, natrium fluoride, organic sage extract, vitamin B12, silica, sea salt
with peppermint oil for fresh breath

without synthetic fragrances, colourants and preservatives
pink coloured toothpaste through the vitamin B12:
but no discolouring of the teeth!